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About Us

Massive Hadron is a small company based in Guildford. We have a number of projects in production. TileStorm for iTunes is the main focus and it looks likely that it will be released in time for Christmas.

The team consists of developers, artists and musicians from around the world:

Founder/Director: Andrew Cakebread
Art and Graphic Design: Mike Green
Music: Adrian Moore and Jayson Cassie
Consultants: Glenn Corpes and Martin Bell
IT Support: Pete McCarthy

Several members of the team including myself, Andrew Cakebread, brought you the classic Theme Hospital game on the PC; we think that you will find Massive Hadron's games equally compelling and hope that TileStorm is the first of many games from us that you will enjoy playing.

If you would like to contact me at Massive Hadron, I am always happy to receive email at this address: